Biodiversity of Altai-Sayan Ecoregion


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Gentiana acuta
Gentiana algida
Gentiana amarella
Gentiana aquatica
Gentiana atrata
Gentiana azurea
Gentiana barbata
Gentiana ciliate
Gentiana decumbens
Gentiana falcata
Gentiana fischerii
Gentiana grandiflora
Gentiana karelinii
Gentiana krylovii
Gentiana leucomelaena
Gentiana macrophylla
Gentiana nutans
Gentiana pneumonanthe
Gentiana pseudoaquatica
Gentiana pulmonaria
Gentiana riparia
Gentiana sangilenica
Gentiana sibirica
Gentiana squarrosa
Gentiana tenella
Gentiana triflora
Gentiana turkestanorum
Gentiana uniflora
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