Biodiversity of Altai-Sayan Ecoregion


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Grimmia alpestris
Grimmia anodon
Grimmia anomala
Grimmia caespiticia
Grimmia capillata
Grimmia donniana
Grimmia elatior
Grimmia elongata
Grimmia fuscolutea
Grimmia incurva
Grimmia jacutica
Grimmia laevigata
Grimmia longirostris
Grimmia mollis
Grimmia montana
Grimmia muehlenbeckii
Grimmia ovalis
Grimmia pilifera
Grimmia plagiopodia
Grimmia poecilostoma
Grimmia pulvinata
Grimmia reflexidens
Grimmia tergestina
Grimmia triformis
Grimmia unicolor
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