Biodiversity of Altai-Sayan Ecoregion


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Saussurea alaschanica
Saussurea alata
Saussurea alpina
Saussurea amara
Saussurea arctecapitulata
Saussurea baicalensis
Saussurea cana
Saussurea ceterachifolia
Saussurea congesta
Saussurea controversa
Saussurea coronata
Saussurea czichaczevii
Saussurea davurica
Saussurea denticulata
Saussurea dorogostaiskii
Saussurea elata
Saussurea elegans
Saussurea elongata
Saussurea foliosa
Saussurea frolowii
Saussurea glacialis
Saussurea grubovii
Saussurea involucrata
Saussurea jadrinzevii
Saussurea klementzii
Saussurea krasnoborovii
Saussurea krylovii
Saussurea laciniata
Saussurea latifolia
Saussurea leucophylla
Saussurea lipschitzii
Saussurea neoserrata
Saussurea orgaadayi
Saussurea parviflora
Saussurea popovii
Saussurea pricei
Saussurea pseudoalpina
Saussurea ramosa
Saussurea revjakinae
Saussurea rigida
Saussurea robusta
Saussurea runcinata
Saussurea saichanensis
Saussurea salicifolia
Saussurea salsa
Saussurea schanginiana
Saussurea serratuloides
Saussurea squarrosa
Saussurea stubendorffii
Saussurea subacaulis
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