Biodiversity of Altai-Sayan Ecoregion


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Cucullia absinthii
Cucullia amota
Cucullia argentea
Cucullia argentina
Cucullia artemisiae
Cucullia asteris
Cucullia biornata
Cucullia biradiata
Cucullia campanulae
Cucullia dimorpha
Cucullia distinguenda
Cucullia dracunculi
Cucullia duplicata
Cucullia elongata
Cucullia fraterna
Cucullia fraudatrix
Cucullia fuchsiana
Cucullia gnaphalii
Cucullia hannemanni
Cucullia humilis
Cucullia kurillulia
Cucullia lactucae
Cucullia lindei
Cucullia implicata
Cucullia lucifuga
Cucullia mandschuriae
Cucullia marci
Cucullia mixta
Cucullia papoka
Cucullia praecana
Cucullia propinqua
Cucullia scopariae
Cucullia spectabilisoides
Cucullia splendida
Cucullia tescorum
Cucullia tristis
Cucullia umbratica
Cucullia virgaureae
Cucullia xeranthemi
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